Tools for Transparency: Google Reader is Still Relevant, Part III


In continuing with the “Google Reader is Still Relevant” meme (read Parts I and II here) I wanted to make a quick note on how I’m seeing extended value in Google Reader after integrating it with IFTTT.  Google Reader has morphed from a somewhat useful curation channel to an incredibly useful one.  On its own, Google Reader provides a number of ways to share content, including Google Plus, email and Send to:

In your Reader Settings, you can customize the services you want to use and manually add any that aren’t included (here are few a services you can add yourself):

While I find the options provided by Google useful, they seem somewhat limited in comparison to what you can both add and automate through IFTTT.  With the addition of Recipes to IFTTT, you can see the clever examples of how users are tying one service to another (although with a bit of redundancy).

If you click through to IFTTT and filter by Google Reader, you can sort by popular Actions or Triggers to see how others are using the service. Triggers will show you various ways to stream content into Google Reader, while Actions offer methods for curating and sharing content from Google Reader to other sites.

Some of the more popular Trigger recipes include sharing feed items to Evernote, Instapaper and Read It Later, which are great for personal consumption but you will quickly find ways to automatically share interesting posts and pieces to Delicious, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

By starring items, pushing new items from a tag or folder or by using the Send to feature, you can begin to add content to your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, Delicious and Pinboard accounts, to Storyboard, Tumblr and Posterous, to name a few quick examples.

Of course you aren’t limited to just those services.  If you look at the available channels to push and pull content from, you find that you have plenty to begin working with:

I would love to hear what you come up with and if you create any public recipes.  We’ve created a handful of recipes that you can find here.