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Location Lobbying and PR totals 2010 Recent events U.S. lobbying summary
Algeria $205,000 President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has remained in power since, 1999. In March, the government boosted wages of government employees to soothe protesters. Spring protests were dispersed by riot police. Small-scale protests against housing shortages and unemployment continue. Algeria has hired Foley and Hoag since 2007. Lobbying efforts focused on reducing Morocco's influence in Western Sahara.
Bahrain $63,000 Bahrain began to crackdown on protests mid March. Protests left 30 dead, the state of emergency was lifted June 1. Negations were set up between the government and reformists but talks broke down when the largest opposition group walked out. Protests continue. Bahrain has had at least six lobbying firms since 2010. An important issue to The Bahrain Minstry of Foreign Affairs is to pushing a US-Bahrain trade agreement. Sanitas International coordinates a major US media outreach campaign.
Egypt $3,438,000 After historic protests lead to the precipitous fall of Mubarak, the military has taken control of the country since his February 11 resignation. Egypt participated in parliamentary elections in November, the Muslim Brotherhood is making the biggest gains at the polls. Protests continue, begrudging military control and the slow pace of reform. Egypt and their lobbyists parted ways in January of 2012. Through the revolution, the Egyptian government continued a strong lobbying operation with lobbying powerhouses,PMA Group, Moffett Group and Livingston Group. The interm government has continued those ties and uses the Livingston group to arrange meetings with State, Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Egyptian military has longstanding ties to the US. Egypt is a top recipient of US foreign aid due to the Camp David Accord. The Egyptian Press Office's lobbied to arrange meetings, contact media and publicize major events like Obama's visit to Egypt.
Iran $12,000 After the Green Revolution Protests in 2009 failed to make gains in Iran, new protests ignited February 14, in their, "Day of Rage." The Irian Ministry of of Foreign Affairs, and UN Ambassador Seyed Hosseni Gholmi hire Mark Edmond Clark to provide reports on formation of U.S./Iranian Policy to the Iran.
Iraq $3,550,000 Thirteen people were killed as demonstrators took part in a "Day of Rage" on February 25.  The Iraqi government effectively blocked protests in June. The Iraqi Ministry of Finance hires Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP to restructure external debts. The lobbying group facilitates meetings and conferences with The Iraqi Ministry of Finance with the U.S. Department of Treasury and U.S. Department of State.
 Iraqi political parties also hire U.S. lobbyists. The Kurdish Regional Government Liaison Office hires four contractors for lobbying and public realtions. The Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq creates monthly newsletters for high-ranking U.S.public officials.
Israel $12,852,000 Although unemployment in Israel is relatively low, Israel has seen protests regarding economic conditions and social equality. Hundreds of thousands took to the streets demanded social justice in major Israeli cities. The Israeli Embassy hires Arnold & Porter LLP. for advice on taxation, trade and Holocaust Era Assets litigation. State of Israel hires Sidney Austin LLP.  The World Zionist Organization also registers with FARA, they engage in various education and exchange programs to encourage jewish immigration and culture. Jewish-American groups that lobby are not covered by FARA regulations. Israel is a top recipient of US foreign aid due to the Camp David Accord.
Jordan $181,000 Protests have continued in Jordan since January but protests have not reached the same magnitude as in neighboring states. Jordan's King Abdullah II, has ignored calls for reform. A meeting between Abdullah and President Obama is scheduled for mid January. The Jordanian Embassy received legal council and public relations advice from White and Case. The Jordanian Royals also hired a PR firm communications and editorial services.
Kuwait $2,338,000 In November 2011, there was a large demonstration Kuwait. Protesters asked for the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah. There has also seen small protests and complaints from student groups. Kuwait's International Council lobbies for the release of Guantamino Bay detainees. Sheikh Fahad Al Salem Center also lobbies. It says its mission is to,"combat ignorance, which is the major threat to peace by creating cultural bridges to strategically overturn constant brainwashing of populations orchestrated by extremists through promoting citizen journalism and constructive messages via different media outlets."
Lebanon $0 Lebanon is staging protests in support of the Syrian people. January and March saw violent protests and large crowds. November 2011, the Lebanese Embassy signed on with to Moffett group, pro-bono, to bolster Lebanon US connections and the foreign aid process. Millennium Group, a Lebanese media and real-estate company, also hires Bridges International to promote Lebanon- US relations.
Libya $665,000 Violent protests ignited in Libya during February of 2011. Libyan protests lead to civil war. After a UN resolution to protect civilans in March 2011, NATO supported rebels with an air campaign. Gaddafi was killed in October of 2011. The transitional government is in the process of planning elections. The government of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, hired DC lobby shops Blank Rome, The Livingston Group and White and Case for over $2 million to lobby on Libya's behalf in 2008 and 2009. The Livingston Group also represented The Gaddafi International Charity which was lead By his son, Saif Al Islam Al Gaddafi. Recent FARA filings reflect money toward a lawsuit.
The The Transitional National Council of Libya registered with FARA in April of 2011.
Morocco $3171,000 Morocco's largest protests were in February, when an estimated 15,000 people called for economic and political reforms. Another round of June protests against Morocco's leader, King Mohammed VI. Some concessions were made by the King with constitutional reform, but the King still has power over key appointments and a veto.  The Party of Justice and Development won the most seats in the November 2011 parliamentary election. A nonprofit established by the government of Morocco went on a lobbying frenzy at the beginning of 2011, coinciding with the time when pro-democracy demonstrations in the country took an ugly turn. The Moroccan-American Policy Council, which is the registered agent of the Moroccan government met with 130 congressional offices on February 23, 24 and 25 just days after the riots broke out, FARA records show. In the last half of 2010, a total of 11 companies pursued lobbying, public relations and tourism promotion for Morocco.
Oman $0 Oman is ruled by Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The "March 2 Uprising for Dignity and Freedom" in February had support throughout the country. The Sultan has responded to the protests with increased state spending, aiming at creating jobs. Oman stopped lobbying operations in 2008.
Qatar $922,000 Qatar has not had major democracy protests, despite the country's lack of democracy. The ruler, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, is hereditary and the people vote for manuicipal councils. The government of Qatar hires lobbying heavy weight Patton Boggs and the ruler hires the major international lobbying firm, Brown Lloyd James. The Embassy hires BRG Government Affairs.
Saudi Arabia $1,226,000 Saudi Arabia used a display of security forces to detour citizens from protests. The surrounding nations of Yemen, Bahrain, and Kuwait overshadowed Saudi turnout. Saudi Arabia has been one of the countries that spend the most on lobbying. The Department of Justice show 6 contracts currently representing Saudi interests in the last half of 2010. The Embassy, Government and Saudi oil companies hire lobbyists, lawyers and PR specialists to represent their interests.
Syria $0 Protest against Syrian leader Assad have lead to a brutal backlash against the protesters. The U.N. estimates 5,000 have died so far in Syria. Amnesty International has decried the repression and called for the UN to "UN Security Council to refer the situation in Syria immediately to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court." The Arab Legue expeled Syria from membership and imposed sanctions in November 2011. In January 2012, bombings took place in Hama and Damascus. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. China and Russa vetoed an attempt to reprimand Syria through the UN. The U.S. Embassy in Syria is closed because of concerns of violence. Syria's office of the First Lady hired Brown Lloyd James to handle her feature in Vogue magazine, she hosted the Vogue writer at the end of 2010 and the spread came out in February of 2011.
Tunisia $315,000 Tunisia gave birth to the Arab Spring protests. Tunisia saw the first wave of protest and the first change in government when dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali was ousted from power in January 2011. The moderate Islamist party, Ennahada, won the most seats in parliament and in December of 2011 Tunisia's constitutional assembly chose former activist, Moncef Marzouki as President. In June, The Ministry of Communications terminated a contract with Washington Media Group. It had been providing "e-reputation management services" for Tunisia.
United Arab Emirates $13,180,000 There have not been major protests in the UAE. There was a small labor protest on January 26 and some protests in support of protests in Libya and Egypt. State-owned companies in UAE, as well as the government have lobbying contracts. Fifteen entities entotal hire lobbyists. Historically, lobbying issues include, US-UAE nuclear agreement, Borse Dubai- stakeholder in NASDEQ and general meetings with the State Department.
Yemen $0 Protest in Yemen ave swelled to the tens of thousands and the protest movement is becoming entrenched. In January, tens of thousands of people protested and called for Ali Abdullah Saleh to end his 30-year rule. Protests at the end of 2011 left eight dead. Saleh promised elections in February. Yemen terminated lobbying operations in November 2010.
Palestine $1,288,000 On the anniversary of establishment of Israel Palestinian interests conducted large demonstrations on Israel's borders in Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, and Lebanon. Palestinians petitioned the UN to recognize Palestine as a member state, in september of 2011. Palestinians have also protested Israeli bus restrictions on Palestinians.  The Palestine Liberation Organization lobbying documents reveal outreach to top decision makers, media and academia, and list meetings with up and coming policy leaders. Palestinian interests spent a million dollars on lobbying and PR.

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