Got some love for Sunlight?


It’s probably not necessary to remind you what semi-national holiday is today. From heart shaped donuts at the Krispy Kreme to special couples’ menu at the restaurants to the plethora of sweets and candied hearts in the office, today is indeed National Heart Health Day! Okay, maybe that was two weeks ago (National Wear Red Day) and all those sweets would probably be terrible for your heart. I won’t sugar coat it anymore (*wince) but it is indeed Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated to the celebration of your loved one(s) and to supporting the flowers/confectionery/greeting card industry.

But in the midst of all that love, can you spare some for Sunlight?

Sure we aren’t your significant other, or even casually dating, but we have been there for you when you needed us most…

Remember that time you thought your ‘loved’ one was cheating on you and found all that weird campaign finance and lobbying spending on Influence Explorer?

Or when you weren’t sure if you were ready to commit because of all the stuff you were reading in the news media? We helped you run a Poligraft on that.

And whenever there was a break in your social calendar, we helped you fill it up with the hottest parties in town with Party Time. Speaking of which, did you make it to the V-Day breakfast this morning?

And when your friend Kevin was freaking you out by putting together a compilation of scary political ads about China, you were able to look at the influence for yourself with the Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker.

And lastly, when you were sick of being nagged to ‘take out the trash – we got you the proof of every time you have been told to do it in Capitol Words (apparently only a handful of times, so stop being so sensitive!)

They say a functional relationship is one where there is a healthy give and take… and after all that we have given you, we only ask for one thing. Scientific research shows that people are more prone to respond positively to favors and request if presented in poetry, so here we go:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Do you love Sunlight?

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Watch out Buddy Roemer, we are coming for you, even if your #superPACvalentine is pretty awesome. Voting closes on the 17th, so please tweet your vote today!

Totally non-transparency/opengov related Valentine’s Day fun: