Tools for Transparency: Pinterest Tips & Ideas


Tools for Transparency: Pinterest Tips & IdeasPiggy backing off the recent post I had written two weeks ago about Pinterest, I wanted to add a few tips and ideas I’ve run across that will help you to better use the service.

I think it’s important to stress that Pinterest focuses on compelling visual content, which sets it apart from similar sites and has nurtured such an ardent following.  As I’ve mentioned previously, the more people that use Pinterest, the more the culture of it will change.  I still think there’s plenty of room for experimentation and storytelling but keeping the visual aspect in mind is key.

  • Are you influential on Pinterest? PinReach will break down your stats and rank your clout.
  • For more on Pinterest, both Reddit and Quora have growing communities, check them out.

I’m interested in hearing about your uses and examples from Pinterest.  Do you have anything to share?