Tools for Transparency: Sell Tickets at the Door with Eventbrite


The Sunlight Foundation uses Eventbrite to manage ticket sales for all our events, like the upcoming TransparencyCamp 2012, simplifying the distribution process. In June of last year, Eventbrite launched an iPad app called At the Door, which enables event ticketing on-location, easing last minute sales and data capture.

Recently, Eventbrite added two new tools to compliment their app, making it much simpler to sell tickets and merchandising at your event.

At your next transparency related event, you can use Eventbrite’s new card reader to take credit card payments on-site and stay on top of “on-site and online ticket sales, keep track of customer contact info and balance the books as well.”

Eventbrite’s small, compact printer ties in to their At the Door app for easily distributing event ticket stubs.

One negative for the reader is that is uses the iPad’s 30-pin port, making it impossible to both charge your iPad and use the card reader. It’s also only available on the iPad.

Square’s card reader, on the other hand, plugs into your audio-out port and works on the iPad, iPhone and Android platforms. Unfortunately, Square doesn’t offer an API for Eventbrite integration.

You can click through here more information about Eventbrite’s app and card reader.

I’m curious about your experiences with the Eventbrite reader and At the Door app, do you have anything to share?