Volunteer for #TCamp12!


Volunteer for TransparencyCamp 2012

The success of this year’s TCamp relies on folks like you pitching in your time and talents. Read more to learn about how to get involved and how some folks are already getting…creative…in showing their support.

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Although you would think that after saying the word(s?) “TransparencyCamp” 7 zillion times a day I would get sick of the idea, TransparencyCamp remains my favorite annual event — and not just because I’m involved in organizing it. All cheese aside, there is a special rush  to participating in both the Camp that most folks see — the part that’s filled with community building, best practice sharing, and rocking sessions — and the TCamp behind-the-scenes — fueled by the energy and time put in by the many volunteers and staff who run the show and make things go down without a hitch. With less than a month between now and Camp (April 28th – 29th!), it feels like a holiday is approaching.

Want to catch the TCamp spirit? This year, we’re opening up to volunteers and have a limited slot of spots available to folks who want to help out with our best — and biggest! — TCamp yet. Whether you’re a videographer, photographer, tech savvy, policy passionate, or just able to lend a hand — we need your help. You can find out more & sign up to get involved here: http://snlg.ht/TCamp12volunteer.

Of course, we’re not the only ones getting excited. A new Twitter friend caught on to TransparencyCamp (and, in particular, its sister event, the Voter Information Project Hackathon, slated for the day after Camp) and got to thinking…
@elle_mccann There going to be hackathon t-shirts, per chance?Collabovate.org
@elle_mccann I ask because I had great idea for one on the metro today: <div class="Government" style="opacity:0.0;"> #justsayingCollabovate.org
After some enthusiastic response,
@elle_mccann So, you can now buy the shirt here for $12: http://alturl.com/5sk68. We’re donating all profits to #Tcamp12 ! #opengovCollabovate.org
TCamp’s first communi-tee! But who will buy them?

Apparently, my parents. (It was a surprise for me, too.)
My parents…are crazy.Lauren(elle)n
Yes, even in the wilds of Interstate 84, ways away from DC and the world of iPads, smartphones, and even cell service, people are counting down the days to TCamp. You don’t have to buy these sweet #opengov tees to be one of them, but if you’re half as excited as my Mom looks in this picture, you can celebrate in style by volunteering with us: http://snlg.ht/TCamp12volunteer. Volunteers get all the benefits of attending TCamp (breakfast! lunch! snacks! awesome mind melds! happy hour! community!) plus a compensated ticket all for the cost of a few hours of your time. Not bad.

Spots are limited. Sign up today!

Whether behind the scenes or out in the crowd, hope to see you at Camp this year!