2Day in #OpenGov 4/13/2012




  • CIO sit Down: Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel sat down with Alex Howard for a discussion about the future of mobile and data-centric government. (O’Reilly Radar)
  • All political ads considered: A court of appeals struck down a law that prohibits political ads from running on public TV and radio stations. Advertising for commercial goods and services will still be banned from public airwaves. (The Hill)
State and Local
  • Maine gets ethical: Maine lawmakers passed legislation that would require the disclosure of state contracts with legislators and executive branch officials. The law is a response to a report that organizations run by legislators or family of executive branch officials won $235 million in undisclosed state contracts between 2003 and 2010. (State Integrity)
  • State CIOs and budget officers unite! The National Association of State Chief Information Officers is teaming up with the National Association of State Budget Officers to create a “shared agenda” to address financial pressures facing state governments. (Government Technology)
  • NYC needs a new CIO: New York city’s long time CIO Carole Post is stepping down to become the executive vice president and chief strategy officer at New York Law School. She will leave her position once a successor is appointed. (Government Technology)
  • Spain’s Open Government plan…closed? Concerns have been raised about Spain’s OGP Action Plan which will be presented at the OGP Summit in Brasilia next week. (Access-Info)
  • Iran pressures detained expert: Iran is reportedly pressuring Mohammad Solimaninya, an Internet and social network expert that they detained three months ago, to work on their “National Intranet”. (Reporters Without Borders)


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THIS WEEKEND 4/14-4/15

Policy Fellow Matt Rumsey wrote this post.

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