2Day in #OpenGov 4/16/2012



Campaign Finance

  • Mitt’s got a secret? The Obama campaign and its affiliated super PACs are preparing to target Mitt Romney over his “penchant for secrecy”, specifically related to his tax returns and campaign bundlers. (Politico)
  • The Myth, the legend, the super PAC: Trevor Potter, formerly the FEC chair and currently Stephen Colbert’s lawyer, explained some common misconceptions about super PACs. (Washington Post)


  • Improper payments portal: The White House launched an online portal as part of their ongoing efforts to reduce improper payments. The portal pulls from multiple data sources to identify payments that should not be issued. (Executive Government)
  • Don’t call me a lobbyist: Influence peddlers have figured out how to get around the White House’s  promises to limit the power of lobbyists in the Obama administration. Companies are working with nonprofits to set up “dialogues” with administration officials. (Politico)
  • Chemical disclosure: Many stakeholders agree that chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing operations should be disclosed. The nonprofit website, affiliated with state governments, FracFocus aims to provide that service. (Politico)
  • Going pro in big data: The start-up Kaggle hosts competitions in an effort to cull better answers from the world’s growing supply of data. It’s founders believe that data scientists able to find innovative answers to the world’s pressing problems should be paid like professional athletes. (Yahoo/AP)


  • None.



  • GSA Management Deficiency Report/Budget Request. Senate Appropriations. Wed. 4/18. 2:30 pm. 138 DSOB. Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee hearing.
  • Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Nominations. Senate Judiciary. Wed. 4/18. 10:00 am. 226 DSOB. Full Committee Hearing.
  • Federal Information Security Amendments. House Oversight and Government Reform. Wed. 4/18. 10:00 am. 2154 RHOB. Full Committee Markup.
  • Library of Congress Leadership Transition. House Administration. Wed. 4/18. 10:00 am. 1310 LHOB. Oversight Subcommittee Hearing.

Policy Fellow Matt Rumsey wrote this post.

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