DATA Act passes House


At 1:55 pm, the House of Representatives agreed by voice vote to pass the DATA Act, HR 2146, after 25 minutes of floor discussion and debate. The legislation, which enjoyed strong bipartisan support, moves to the Senate. The DATA Act has changed significantly since it was first introduced, garnering support from a broad coalition of public interest organizations along the way. We hope that the Senate will speedily consider the legislation and send it to the president for signature.

The Sunlight Foundation released this statement upon its passage by the House:

“The DATA Act will transform how we are able to monitor government spending online. We’ve said time and time again that transparency is not a partisan issue, and we are proud to see there was broad support across the aisle for the bill. The DATA Act will increase transparency for federal spending data and expand when, where and how it is available online,” said Ellen Miller, co-founder and executive director of the Sunlight Foundation.