2Day in #OpenGov 5/25/2012



Campaign Finance
  • Hair America: Donald Trump, managing to maintain political relevancy, is floating the idea of his own super PAC. He would use potentially unlimited funds to push the idea that America is letting outside interests “absolutely suck the blood out of this country.” (Politico)
  • League of women disclosures: The League of Women voters is planning to spend $90,000 to pressure four GOP Senate leaders to support the DISCLOSE Act. Speculation has it that the act could be up for a Senate vote as early as June. (Roll Call $)
  • Americans want unlimited money out of politics. A new poll found that 75% of Americans think there is too much money in politics, allowing the wealthy to exert undue influence. (Yahoo/Reuters)
State and Local
  • Reform on the way in Nevada? A member of the Nevada State Legislature called for campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics reforms at a news conference. His proposals might include real time reporting requirements, but a bill probably won’t emerge until the legislature next meets in 2013. (Lobby Comply)
  • Sunlight inches towards California: The California State Senate took an important step towards passing an open data bill this week. The legislation, which unanimously passed the State Senate Appropriations Committee, will require agencies to make data available in “open” formats. (Tech President)
  • Unbiased Italian regulators. Too much to ask? The Open Media Coalition, a group of Italian NGO’s, is pushing for reform and transparency in the way that the country selects its media regulators. Italian regulators are notoriously biased. (Open Society Blog)
  • Cutting corruption in Ugandan classrooms: Students in Uganda face rampant corruption, from professors, administrators, and other staff at their universities. Notinmycountry.org aims to provide a safe platform for students to anonymously report incidents. (Corruption Currents)


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Job Opportunities: 
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