2Day in #OpenGov 6/12/2012



Campaign Spending

  • Alaska especially vulnerable to unlimited spending: Due to massive redistricting in the state, 59 of 60 legislative seats in Alaska are up for grabs this year. And because Citizens United has countered many state campaign finance laws (including Alaska’s), pro-oil groups and other organizations can now spend as much money as they deem necessary, which could potentially have an enormous impact on the state’s government. (Alaska Dispatch)
  • Text your family, your friends, and your candidate: The FEC has finally approved the use of text messaging to make campaign donations, a move supported by both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. (Roll Call)
  • Opinion: Let FCC do its job: Two former FCC higher-ups slammed the National Association of Broadcasters’ claim that posting the sponsors of political ads online was too demanding, arguing that the public, media, and the Commission should stop “ignoring this failure” of transparency. (Politico)


  • Lack of transparency in Veteran Affairs’ budget, says GAO: The Government Accountability Office reported that the Veteran Affairs Department’s 2013 appropriations request contains a large amount of unclear information, especially regarding operational improvements. (Fierce Government)
  • National Archives’ open government plan updated: A new open government plan released by the National Archives and Records Administration includes a push to digitize records, the implementation of a crowdsourcing initiative, and the move to an open source content management system. (FedScoop)


  • The US and India launch new open government platform: A collaboration between the United States and India has led to the Open Government Platform, a template for increased national transparency and civic engagement meant to be implemented by countries around the world. (Federal Computer Week)
  • UK group talks to Parliament, answers questions about FOIA: A representative from a site that helps citizens make Freedom of Information requests responded to scrutiny from MPs about the act and offered criticisms of his own regarding the legislation. (mySociety)

State and Local

  • Emanuel tries to strengthen political ethics in Chicago: Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced an amendment to Chicago’s city council meant to reform ethics policy in the city. The amendment includes a stronger penalty for PACs that accept illegal funds and a stronger gift ban for lobbyists, among other things. (LobbyComply)


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Job Opportunities: 
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