2Day in #OpenGov 6/14/2012




  • New Missouri website sheds light on local campaign finance: A new tool created by the Missouri Ethics Commission provides an easy way for citizens to take a look at the financial information for candidates in Missouri’s state elections. (Missourinet)
  • New Arkansas ethics measures may be up to the voters: Two former Arkansas state legislators hope to push an initiative meant to strengthen campaign finance and ethics laws in the state onto the ballot and are currently campaigning to get enough signatures to do so. (Arkansas News)


  • Nigerians want info on past air accidents: In the wake of a June 3 plane crash in a Lagos suburb that killed at least 150 people, a well-known Nigerian lawyer has filed a Freedom of Information request that seeks information on federal investigations of previous plane crashes and other air accidents. This, he says, is to ensure that proper regulatory actions were and are being taken. (Sahara Reporters)
  • “School of Data” kicks off: A Berlin-based project that plans to provide online training for data manipulation and analysis gathered a group of over 40 experts to better flesh out and specify the best ways to reach its goals. (Open Knowledge Foundation Blog)

Financial Disclosure

  • Many disclosure form filing extensions granted to members of Congress: A number of lawmakers, including two of the three wealthiest members of Congress in 2011, have not yet submitted their financial disclosure forms, which were released today. (Politico)
  • A lot at fault with congressional financial disclosure forms: The problems with the disclosure forms filed by members of Congress are extensive, ranging from the allowed reporting a massive range in one’s asset value (the value reported by Rep. Pelosi last year was between $30 and $200 million) to the lack of revealed tax returns. (Politico)


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