2Day in #OpenGov 6/26/2012




  • Open government data in Chicago begets crime data visualization: The creators of Open City, who use government data to build web apps about Chicago, have released a new tool. ChicagoCrime.org has used the city’s crime data over the past decade to create a visualization sortable by ward, year, and other variables. (GovFresh)
  • S.C. state senator victim of his own campaign finance loophole: Lee Bright, a state senator from South Carolina and supporter of the state’s very lenient campaign finance laws, is being hurt by a shadowy group pouring thousands of dollars into advertisements supporting his opponent. (iWatch News)
  • Local spin-off of data.gov imminent: The deputy CTO of the United States announced an impending site that, using the data.gov platform, will standardize city data and give it the same treatment as the site currently does to federal data. (FierceGovernment)

Montana Decision

  • Disappointed White House offers statement on Supreme Court campaign finance decision: White House spokesman Eric Schulz expressed his disappointment with the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Montana election spending laws that prohibit corporate spending, saying that this precedent hurts “the fairness and integrity of elections”. (Politico)
  • Opinion: Supreme Court “content with the way” Citizens United aftermath worked out: The New York Times editorial board argued that yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling shows an implicit approval of the rampant outside spending prompted by the 2010 Citizens United ruling this decision upheld. (New York Times)


  • FOIA request for Nigerian president’s asset declaration: Fresh off of a victory securing FOIA requests for the earnings of national legislators, a civil society group in Nigeria has now submitted a request for a report of the assets of the country’s president, Goodluck Jonathan. (Sahara Reporters)


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