2Day in #OpenGov 6/29/2012



Open Government

  • Russian discussion of impending open data publication held: A presidential decree declaring that states in Russia should publish data by July 2013 has prompted a discussion about what type of data sets should be published and how to release them by government officials. (Open Knowledge Foundation Blog)
  • National Security Letter outlines revealed: A FOIA request from the American Civil Liberties Union has led to the first-ever release of the templates of National Security Letters, which the Department of Justice sends out to ISPs and other companies to ask them to reveal their clients’ personal data. (Ars Technica)
  • Rare citizen-candidate interaction occurs in Mexico: In a break from the usual lack of communication between candidates and citizens during campaign periods, residents of Mexico’s most dangerous states have the chance to ask their prospective leaders questions about their plans for increasing security. (National Democratic Institute)


  • Recommendations for change in ethics laws drafted in Kentucky: A new group of suggestions by the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Council meant to amend the state’s code for lobbying ethics includes banning lobbyist employers and PACs from contributing money to campaigns when the legislature is in session, among other things. (Lobbying Comply Blog)

Financial Disclosure

  • Political non-profits now subjects of IRS investigation (subscription necessary): An investigation by the IRS (which is set to conclude well after the 2012 elections) is centered on the political activities of certain non-profits that many feel are too partisan. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Top government executives wary of STOCK Act provision: High-level government workers who are subject to the rules outlined in the STOCK Act are worried that the information they need to disclose (which is posted online) could pose a threat to their families. (Baltimore Sun)


  • S.3333: Data Security and Breach Notification Act of 2012. “A bill to require certain entities that collect and maintain personal information of individuals to secure such information and to provide notice to such individuals in the case of a breach of security involving such information, and for other purposes.” Referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.



  • None.

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