2Day in #OpenGov 7/12/2012




  • Cuomo to tour New York to tout new campaign finance plan: To support of his plan to reform New York’s campaign finance system by publicly matching donated funds, New York governor Andrew Cuomo will travel the state to argue for the proposed system’s validity and importance. (Times-Union)
  • Anti-Citizens United measure makes Montana ballot: A petition advocating the ban of corporate money in elections—the subject of a Montana law that the Supreme Court recently overturned—has garnered enough signatures to be put on Montana ballot. (Common Blog)


  • SEC called on by citizens to regulate corporate spending in elections: A record 178,000 (and counting) comments have been posted on a petition to the Security and Exchange Commission requesting that it require corporations to disclose their election spending to its shareholders. (Republic Report)
  • US CTO plans celebration of open data use by energy and environmental groups: Similar to the “Health Datapalooza” he created during his tenure as chief technology officer at the Department of Health and Human Services, federal CTO Todd Park has announced a similar event regarding the relationship between open government data and private sector innovation regarding energy and the environment. (FedScoop)
  • Campaign finance bill to reach Senate, possibly House: DISCLOSE 2012, a proposed bill that would require donor disclosure for campaign contributions and political ad buys, will be taken up by the Senate next week. House Democrats have filed a discharge petition to get it voted on in the House. (Politico)


  • Ottawa creates lobbyist registry: A move created largely to monitor lobbyist influence on zoning laws, Ottawa, starting September 1st, will now require documentation and release of all interaction between lobbyists and lawmakers. (Ottawa Sun)
  • To curb FIFA’s constant corruption, culture change crucial: Better rules or more committees won’t help the corruption inside FIFA, soccer’s governing body, say investigators: The massive bribes and others problems will only be stopped by a total change in culture within the organization. (TrustLaw)


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