Sunlight, Non-Profits File Pro-Disclosure Brief in Van Hollen v. FEC


This afternoon the Sunlight Foundation, joined by 8 other non-profits, filed an amicus brief¬†supporting disclosing financial disbursements made by entities for electioneering communications. The D.C. Court of Appeals will soon hear argument in Van Hollen v. FEC, a case in which the lower court correctly¬†found that the FEC had improperly narrowed statutory requirements that regulate when donor disbursements must be reported. The FEC’s regulation had the effect of turning off nearly all reporting.

In related news, the FEC announced today that it would abide by the lower court’s ruling requiring disclosure of these donations while the matter is being litigated.

The brief is available below.

Van Hollen v FEC, AARP Et Al Amicus Brief