Webinar: Learn How to ‘Follow the Money’


Having trouble telling the Patriot Majority USA from the House Majority PAC? Or what makes an independent expenditure different than an electioneering communication.

Sunlight wants to answer your questions at our Follow the Unlimited Webinar on Wednesday. Join us at 1 pm (ET) on August 8 for a free, online training with campaign finance experts from the Sunlight Reporting Group.

Using Sunlight Foundation tools such as Follow the Unlimited Money and Influence Explorer, you’ll boost your reporting skills on tracking the secret money influencing politics.

Editorial Director Bill Allison will explain how to follow the millions of dollars in play this election year. From super PACs and social welfare groups to independent expenditures and electioneering communications, outside groups spent more than $230 million so far and millions more expected in the next three months.

There is no cost to participate in this online webinar. Sign up today.