Freshmen at a glance


Of the 89 House freshmen elected in November, 2010, some stand out. Sunlight has produced quick statistical sheets on some of the rookie lawmakers who figure prominently in our examination of this year's first termers:

By clicking on a representative’s name, you can view our abstracts on each: Campaign finance profiles, political outlook and the words tend to use more often than the rest of their colleagues. (Click here for methodology)


Rep. Bass

Rep. Barletta

Rep. Benishek

Rep. Berg

Rep. Black

Rep. Buerkle

Rep. Canseco

Rep. Carney

Rep. Crawford

Rep. Cicilline

Rep. Cravaack

Rep. Dold

Rep. Gardner

Rep. Gibson

Rep. Heck

Rep. Huelskamp

Rep. Huizenga

Rep. Meehan

Rep. Mulvaney

Rep. Renacci

Rep. Rigell

Rep. Roby

Rep. Reed

Rep. Schilling

Rep. Schweikert

Rep. Scott

Rep. Walsh

Rep. West

Rep. Woodall

Rep. Yoder

Rep. Young