2Day in #OpenGov 8/15/2012


Policy Intern Adeeb Sahar wrote this post.

Here is your serving of today’s transparency-related news items, congressional committee hearings, transparency-related bills introduced in Congress, and local events involving open government.



  • NCR investigating allegations of bribery, sanctions violation: The ATM maker is investigating anonymous allegations of violating anti-bribery laws and U.S. sanctions against Syria in its business practices in China, the Middle East and Africa. (TrustLaw)


  • Making the budget more transparent: Although the second draft of the Budget Law amendment is meant to open government budget details to the public to encourage transparency at oversight, many improvements are still needed to ensure the government is completely transparent and able to take public advice. (The Economic Observer)
  • What transparency?: Oakland is spending $102,000 over the next three years on an online campaign finance system that few candidates and political committees are currently using, raising questions as to whether the $102,000 in taxpayer money is being well spent. (East Bay Express)

Campaign Finance

  • Ralston calls for elimination of lobbyist gifts to Georgia legislators: House Speaker David Ralston (R-GA) once cast scorn on the idea of restricting lobbyist gifts; he now says that he intends to ban them altogether. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  • New political group has close ties with former Fiesta Bowl lobbyist: People for Arizona, a group with close ties to Gary Husk, the former Fiesta Bowl lobbyist who was investigated during the 2011 Fiesta Bowl scandal, has been dropping money on several legislative races across the state. (Arizona Family)


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