2Day in #OpenGov 8/21/2012




  • Democratic Disclosure Delays: Democratic Party officials will not release the names of donors to their national convention next month until after the event, despite previous assertions that they would regularly disclose the information. (Washington Post)
  • Sunrise after Sunstein? In the wake of Cass Sunstein’s departure from OIRA The Dean of NYU’s law school and the Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Integrity shared some ideas on how his successor should be picked. (Huffington Post)


  • Open Data Impact? As open data policies continue to spread around the world The Web Foundation and the International Development Research Centre are preparing to fund research on the impacts of open data in developing countries. (Open Knowledge Foundation)
  • South African Hackathon: The Open Data and Democracy Initiative, a South Africa based group dedicated to help government and the private sector effectively release data, held their first hackathon at the beginning of August. (Open Knowledge Foundation)

State and Local

  • New leaders, new leadership:The 23 year old mayor of South Orange, New Jersey argues that the internet has changed the way politicians engage with citizens and will help a new generation of leaders successfully seek political office outside of the traditional party system. (Gov Fresh)
  • A little spending goes a long way in judicial elections: Outside spending groups are having a significant impact on state judicial elections. Even a small expenditure can go a long way in these traditionally cheap races. (Public Integrity)


  • None.


  • None.


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