2Day in #OpenGov 8/22/2012



Campaign Finance

  • Big Buckeyes: Ohio’s highly competitive Senate race is attracting incredible amounts of outside cash. Conservative groups will likely spend upwards of $20 million to help unseat Senator Sherrod Brown (D), while labor, environmental, and other left-leaning groups are chipping in to support him. (AP/Yahoo)
  • Tech PACs share the wealth: Google’s PAC has dolled out almost half a million dollars to political campaigns this year, joining other technology and telecommunications companies in a big spending year. (The Hill)


  • Indian Access Denied: India blocked access to more than 200 websites last week and is pressuring Facebook and Twitter to remove “inflammatory” content. (Reuters/Yahoo)

State and Local

  • Coloradans Against Corporate Personhood: Common Cause Colorado recently turned in over 176,000 signatures to put an initiative on November’s ballot that would urge the state’s Congressional delegation to support a Federal Constitutional Amendment stating that corporations are not people. (Common Blog)
  • State Integrity Grade Strikes Again: Two legislators in North Dakota who pushing ethics and transparency reforms were inspired in part by their state’s low scores in the State Integrity Investigation. (State Integrity)
  • California County Limits Campaign Contributions: The San Bernardino California County Board of Supervisors approved new limits that would subject countywide candidates to the same limits as state legislative candidates. (Lobby Comply)


  • None.



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