Sunlight Live covers the conventions


Image of Tropical Storm Isaac

Republican conventioneers may have dodged Tropical Storm Isaac. Now they're facing another challenge: Sunlight at night.

Throughout this week's GOP convention in Tampa and next week's Democratic gathering in Charlotte, the Sunlight Foundation will be covering major speakers with a tool that will allow us — and you — to provide real-time commentary and analysis. 

Starting at 7 p.m. ET, we'll open up our Sunlight Live website, where you can watch a video stream of the convention and, at the same time, read information and background about the speakers and their themes, mined from the Sunlight Foundation's extensive data resources. But we welcome input from our audience too. It's easy to join the conversation. Join us at Sunlight Live.

Tuesday's scheduled speakers include:

Sunlight Live will be online from the opening benediction to the closing gavel. But, our coverage won't stop there. We'll be online and live every night of both the Republican and the Democratic conventions. Get involved in the chat, ask questions, and learn important information about who is trying to influence this year's elections. 

(Photo credit: National Aeronautics and Space Administration)