2Day in #OpenGov 8/31/2012




  • Energy needs to be more transparent, says IG: The Energy Department’s Inspector General released a report absolving the DOE of wrongdoing in the way that it contracts with law firms, but recommended that the office should improve transparency in its conflict of interest policy. (Government Executive)
  • Apple denies drone app: Apple has repeatedly denied attempts to introduce an app that would alert users about US military drone strikes, according to the app’s creator. The app tracks drone strikes by aggregating data from a Bureau of Investigative Journalism Database. (Yahoo)
  • Dissident jailed with help of Yahoo data freed: Today, China released a dissident that had been jailed for ten years after being convicted of Stat Subversion. Evidence to support the conviction was provided by Yahoo, in a move that was widely decried by politicians and civil rights advocates at the time. (Yahoo/AP)
  • Companies improve how they report anti-corruption efforts, are still corrupt: The worlds top companies have improved the way that they disclose information about their anti-corruption activities. But, a new report by Transparency International also points out that six of the best performing companies in its survey are also currently dealing with corruption scandals. (Transparency International)
Campaign Finance
  • Can super PACs turn third parties into spoilers? Some members of the Libertarian and Constitution parties are hoping that super PACs can help boost their candidates currently slim chances in the fall. Libertarian Gary Johnson, polling in the high single digits in several swing states, has several super PACs working to raise money to support his under funded campaign. (Public Integrity)
  • Roving the RNC for super PAC cash: Karl Rove held an exclusive fundraiser for the wealthy donors to his super PAC, American Crossroads, on the last day of the RNC. Attendees heard from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), got a peek at the super PAC’s strategy, and were hit up for even more money. (Business Week)


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