2Day in #OpenGov 9/4/2012




  • Feds falter fighting FOIA backlogs: A new GAO report found that many federal agencies are failing to take advantage of helpful technologies as they work to reduce their backlog of FOIA requests. (Federal Computer Week)
Campaign Finance
  • Mitt against big money until he had it: Before he had super PACs and other sources of outside spending to push his political career Mitt Romney wasn’t so enthused about big money in politics. During campaigns for Senate and Governor he suggested spending limits and public financing while attacking the influence of money on politics. (Politico)
  • The end of the ‘public financing’ era? Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have declined public funds for their White House campaigns. This is the first time since the systems inception that both major party candidates have turned down the money, allowing them to raise and spend much more. (Washington Times)
  • Georgian election portal launches: electionsportal.ge is a new website that combines election monitoring information with historical voting data to give Georgian politicians, parties, nonprofits, and observers a greater ability to analyze information in advance of parliamentary elections scheduled for October 1. (NDI)
  • Southeast Asian governments get online: Southeast Asian governments have been proactively using the internet to connect with their citizens, embracing social media and launching information portals and transparency tools. (Global Voices)
  • Many lobbyists fail to report: According to a new study, many lobbyists are under-reporting their previous work for the federal government. As many as 57 % of the lobbyists studied failed to disclose positions that they should have under the LDA and HLOGA. (National Journal)
  • Lobbyists partying at the DNC: Despite the Obama Administrations public attempts to spurn lobbyists they are as active at this years Democratic National Convention as they were at the GOP’s party last week. Notably, super lobbyists Tony and Heather Podesta have already hosted a bash attended by numerous Democratic members of Congress. (New York Times, Roll Call, The Hill, Politico)


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