2Day in #OpenGov 9/10/2012




  • Start-up atmosphere at the CFPB: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau aimed to turn the traditional idea of a bureaucracy on its head when recruiting designers, web developers, and digital strategists. The agency, still in its infancy, pulled talent from Comedy Central and runs its technology team more like a start up than a government agency. (Washington Post)
  • Census Bureau goes mobile: The Census Bureau’s mobile app had a big first month, seeing more than 32,000 downloads. The app, released as part of the Bureau’s digital government strategy, provides updated statistics including 16 monthly economic indicators. (Washington Post)
  • Next steps for open gov: The Federal government has moved forward with a variety of open government initiatives, but the consensus seems to be that results have been mixed and more needs to be done. Recently, the movement has picked up a heavy emphasis on technology. (Federal Computer Week)
Campaign Finance
  • Dems like Rahm’s chances: Top Democrats, including Senator Dick Durbin (IL) and notable Citizens United opponent Representative Chris Van Hollen (MD), are excited about Rahm Emanuel’s plans to get heavily involved in fundraising on behalf of Democratic super PACs in the final stretch towards the election. (National Journal)
  • Opinion- Corporate Contributions and Disclosure: A recent ruling by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Minnesota’s ban on direct corporate contributions to state political campaigns. Notably, nothing in the ruling would conflict with the DISCLOSE Act, a much needed measure that is strongly opposed by Senate Republicans. (New York Times)
  • European wants more transparent experts: Members of the European Parliament want more transparency from expert groups that help the European Commission write legislative proposals and policy. They are threatening to block funding unless the Commission meets certain conditions, including banning lobbyists and corporate executives and releasing more information about the workings of the groups. (EU Observer)


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