2Day in #OpenGov 9/14/2012




  • A side of corruption with your politics? CREW released their latest list of most corrupt members of Congress on Wednesday. Notable inclusions are Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), who is being investigated for exchanging a green card for illegal fundraising and Rep. Bob Andrews (D-NJ), who allegedly spent campaign money on a family trip to Scotland. (National Journal)
  • Obama secrecy a mixed bag: An annual secrecy report card prepared by OpentheGovernment.org gives the Obama administration mixed reviews for its efforts to reduce unnecessary government secrecy. (Government Executive)
Campaign Finance
  • Super PACs could be Kryptonite: A new super PAC, driven by a single wealthy donor and targeting a specific member of Congress, is stoking fears that the groups will be able to play a super sized roll in Congressional races around the country this fall. (Public Integrity)
  • Opinion – Money corrupts: The unlimited money flooding America’s elections is making campaigns more expensive, shrouding our elections in secrecy, and corrupting our democracy. (Politico)
  • Jordan moves to restrict the Internet…Jordanian activists and journalists protested in front of parliament as their House of Representatives approved a law that would allow the government to control and censor the internet in new ways. The bill still needs to pass the upper chamber and be signed by Jordan’s King Abdullah II. (Global Voices)
  • …while Tunisia looks to open it up: The Tunisian government, which eased some of its Internet restrictions after former ruler Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was deposed in 2011, is claiming that it will lift remaining restrictions. But, opposition leaders remain skeptical. (Tech President)
  • From Cold War to anti-corruption: Yuri Koshkin, a former Soviet intelligence agent, embraced capitalism by translating his old skills into the world of corporate intelligence, recently finding a lucrative niche conducting corruption investigations for major companies. (Wall Street Journal)


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