Governor gets hacked, Politwoops gets it all on record


No one is immune from Internet predators looking to hack private accounts and have lots of fun at the account owner’s expense, not even politicians.

And if the Republican Governor from Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, didn’t know that before, she knows it now. Yesterday her official Twitter account was hacked by what seems to be a group of people who do this stuff on a regular basis – but that’s hard to say for sure.  Whoever did it posted silly pictures containing images of monkeys and bananas and even Dr. Suess quotes, among some other weird things to the Governor’s twitter account.

The Governor or her staff quickly deleted the tweets and posted another tweet explaining the account had been hacked.

Lucky for us, and all of you, we have Politwoops! Politwoops logs deleted tweets by politicians so you can see what mishaps occur over the social media outlet and possibly learn why they happened. Sometimes the service gives us insight into a politician’s changing policy positions, but this time it serves as a reminder that we can all be victims.