2Day in #OpenGov 9/25/2012




  • Changing environment at the Chamber: Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), ranking member of the Environment and Public Affairs Committee, is losing his senior counsel Matthew Hite to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Hite will join the Chamber’s environment, technology, and regulatory affairs division. (National Journal)
  • Governments exert subtle control: Freedom House’s new Freedom of the Net report finds that governments worldwide are finding more diverse and subtle ways to influence control over the internet and their populations, including hiring bloggers to push propaganda and confuse the credibility of information.  (National Journal)
Campaign Finance
  • Sheldon “$100 million” Adleson: Sheldon Adelson might spend as much as $100 million dollars by election day in an unprecedented effort to sway this years presidential race. As much as $30 million of that funneled through groups that do not have to disclose their donors. (Politico)
  • Cornyn backs reform…next year: Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has taken a small step over the Republican Party line and endorsed the idea of examining campaign finance reform next year. The two term chairman of the NRSC has seen his party’s chances of retaking the Senate hindered by nonviable candidates propped up by outside money.  (Roll Call)
  • China fights civil service corruption: China has reacted to a rash of corruption scandals by cracking down on the way that civil servants spend money. The government imposed a “frugal working style”, meaning Chinese civil servants are currently barred from spending lavishly or accepting expensive gifts. (TrustLaw)
  • Iran nudges the door shut: Iran, on the pretense of protesting the anti-Islamic film Innocence of Muslims, has blocked access to Google and Gmail. Iran has been slowly moving to restrict access to the Internet and is said to be preparing a closed, national network. (Ars Technica)


  • S. 3625A bill to change the effective date for the internet publication of certain information to prevent harm to the national security or endangering the military officers and civilian employees to whom the publication requirement applies, and for other purposes. Introduced 9/21/2012. Passed 9/22/2012.



  • None.

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