2Day in #OpenGov 9/28/2012




  • Watchdog groups urge filling ethics seats: With four Office of Congressional Ethics board of directors seats on course to be vacant, watchdog groups are stressing the importance of filling the openings. Eight groups wrote a letter asking for appointments to fill the seats before they become empty at the end of the 112th Congress. (Roll Call)
  • Cyberwarfare becomes open discussion: U.S. officials are discussing cyberwarfare and cyber security more openly. Some experts say the increased openness could help the United States set legal and ethical standards in the new battle arena. (New York Times)
  • Trust higher for local governments: Is it easier to love what’s close to home? Americans trust local and state government more than they trust the federal government. (The Atlantic Cities)
Campaign finance
  • Democrats start lining super PAC pockets: Super PACs are starting to draw wealthy Democratic donors the way they had been drawing wealthy Republican donors. The largest Democratic donor has given at least $4 million to left-leaning super PACs. (New York Times)
  • Estonia beats U.S. in Internet freedom: Think Internet freedom in the United States is unparalleled? The small country of Estonia actually ranked first in a recent rating, thanks to its high Internet penetration rate and the widespread use of the Internet for government services. (Yahoo)
  • Open data effort celebrates landmark: The Open Government Partnership is celebrating one year since its launch. One partnership leader said the progress of the effort will be marked by how many citizens see improvements in their lives as a result of a more open government. (GovFresh)
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