2Day in #OpenGov 10/1/12




  • Obama’s transparency failures: President Barack Obama’s administration has failed to live up to its initial promises of unparalleled transparency, according to a recent analysis. During a Bloomberg test of whether cabinet agencies would obey public disclosure requirements, 19 of 20 failed. (Bloomberg)
  • House approves STOCK Act delay: The House approved a delay in reporting requirements for certain officials during a pro forma session on Friday. High-ranking career employees will now have until Dec. 8 to comply with the online posting requirement of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act. (GovExec)
  • Allegations lobbed at Justice Department: Four Republican legislators are accusing the Department of Justice of making an inappropriate quid pro quo agreement. The allegation is that St. Paul, Minnesota, officials dropped an appeal in a federal case in return for the federal government dropping a similar case against the city. (Washington Post)
Campaign 2012
  • Nonprofit makes ad buy against Obama: The conservative nonprofit group Americans for Job Security made an $8.2 million ad buy against President Barack Obama. The group does not have to reveal its donors because of its nonprofit status, leading to complaints with the IRS and FEC. (Public Integrity)
  • Dems, Republicans line super PAC pockets: There’s no lack of interest from rich fans of both parties when it comes to lining the pockets of super PACs for this campaign cycle. A list of the top 10 donors to super PACs shows a mix of liberals and conservatives. (Public Integrity)
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