2Day in #OpenGov 10/2/12




  • NASA wants your help: NASA is launching its Open API Universe project in an effort to make its data more readily accessible and searchable. The agency is calling on developers and programmers to share their ideas for bringing space closer to the average citizen. (ProgrammableWeb)
  • FOIA website launches: A new website from the federal government is making it easier to file and search Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and related documents. The multi-agency collaboration, FOIAonline, will serve as a central portal for filing FOIA requests. (OMB Watch)
Whistleblower reform
  • Whistleblowers’ lawyers support Obama: The Obama administration’s cracking down on corporate fraud has reaped re-election campaign donations from lawyers representing whistleblowers. Lawyers who specialize in filing fraud claims at the federal level have given some $3 million to Obama’s campaign. (New York Times)
  • More laws are protecting whistleblowers: Throughout the past decade, a range of new laws have started putting more protections in place for employees who flag wrongdoing. These protections cover huge sectors of the economy, with some saying the laws are promoting broader corporate freedom of speech. (Transparency International)
Campaign finance
  • Both parties blamed for corruption: Republicans and Democrats are lumped together by voters when it comes to assigning blame for corrupt politics. A poll found nearly half of respondents said neither Democrats nor Republicans would do a better job cleaning up the corrupting role of money in politics. (Roll Call)
  • Aid without accountability? Four out of five international aid organizations received a failing grade in transparency, according to a recent ranking. These organizations represented more than $134 billion in cash flows in 2012 alone. (Transparency International)
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