2Day in #OpenGov 10/9/12




  • Live out of state? FOIA denied: The Supreme Court is hearing a case from Virginia about whether a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request can be denied to someone simply because they don’t live in the state.  Virginia FOIA laws limit the requests to state residents. (Washington Post)
  • DOT website upgraded: The U.S. Department of Transportation’s website recently underwent a major upgrade to help increase accessibility of information. The site still has room for improvement, however, as evidenced by the number of forms that are not digitized. (Government Technology)
On the campaign trail
  • Coincidental timing? A movie about the raid that left Osama bin Laden dead is set to air two days before the election. The movie’s distribution company was co-founded by a major Obama fundraiser.  (National Journal)
  • Influencing the next debate: A wide range of groups are spending money and trying to spread the word about why they believe their interests should be a topic in the next presidential debate. Some groups have launched new Super PACs in an effort to push for their topic to be debated. (Roll Call)
  • Are foreign campaign funds allowed? A $1 million donation from a U.S. subsidiary of a Canadian company to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has sparked questions about the legality of such moves. Campaign finance laws, thanks in part to the Citizens United decision, are not clear about U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies.  (Public Integrity)
  • Hackers unite against corruption: Transparency International is bringing together hackers and tech-experts this weekend in an effort to create technology that will help fight against corruption. The first-ever Hacks Against Corruption (HAC) event will be held in Bogotá, Budapest, Casablanca, Jakarta, Moscow and Vilnius. (Transparency International)
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