2Day in #OpenGov 10/15/12




  • Sequestration lobbying abounds: With sequestration, or automatic spending cuts, looming in the federal government, lobbying groups are increasing efforts to protect their special interests. They are also calling for revenue-raising measures.  (Government Executive)
  • SEC receives poor marks on recordkeeping: The federal agency monitoring Wall Street records failed to properly handle its own records, according to a recent audit. The report showed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) employees are not always clear about what records to keep and what to destroy, among other problems. (POGO)
  • Feds launch state energy profiles: Want to see the energy portfolio of a state? The federal government now has a tool to help do just that. The beta state energy portal allows users to see information about electricity, fossil fuels, and more.  (FedScoop)
  • Lawmaker challenges lobbying dues: A Nebraska lawmaker is suing the Nebraska State Bar Association over its mandatory membership dues for lobbyists. The lawmaker claims the fees violate free speech.  (Courthouse News)
  • Ohio mulls campaign finance issues: A state representative in Ohio was recently charged with 49 counts of falsifying record and misusing some $130,000 in campaign funds. State officials, when asked whether the alleged abuse should provoke changes to campaign finance laws, said more regulations will not necessarily prevent fraud. (Columbus Dispatch)
  •  Mexico cracks down on money laundering: The Mexican Congress approved legislation aimed at preventing money laundering. The law, proposed two years ago, is more specifically crafted toward cracking down on the influence of powerful drug cartels. (Reuters)
  • Zambian watchdog site blocked: The website for a Zambian watchdog group is in jeopardy after being targeted by a denial of service attack, allegedly launched by the government. The website is in danger of being de-registered. (Global Voices)


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