Video: This Week’s Political Money Weather Report


$800 million+ and counting. That’s how much money has been spent just by outside groups so far this election season. There’s no doubt that this will be the most expensive election yet. Tune into this week’s Political Money Weather Report for a quick recap the steady downpour of money: where it’s happening, and who’s behind it (when transparency laws allow for us to know) — and what we don’t know.

In about a minute, we show you which states are experiencing the worst of the torrential downpour of political ads — and who’s behind them. Our Weather Report also condenses the latest updates based on data reported by our government so you can be informed about the latest in campaign, super PAC, dark money and union spending before you vote.

Is there a political weather phenomena you want our campaign finance “meteorologists” to check out? Let us know in the comments below. New Political Weather Money Report forecasts will be online every Friday through Election Day. If you can’t wait seven days for the next episode visit our new Elections Hub to stay up-to-date with the latest political spending.