2Day in #OpenGov 10/23/2012




  • DOJ, FBI ordered to pay up after denying FOIA: The FBI and Department of Justice owe a journalist nearly $500,000 in attorney fees after denying a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request he filed seeking information about former President Ronald Reagan. A judge ruled the two federal departments were wrong to withhold the information.  (Courthouse News)

Campaign finance

  • Nonprofit challenges campaign contribution limits: Funders behind a Colorado-based nonprofit aiming to rewrite campaign finance laws in Montana remain a mystery. Links have been discovered, however, between the group and national Tea Party groups funded by the conservative Koch brothers.  (Public Integrity)
  • Campaigns choose target TV programs: Are viewers more likely to see Republican or Democratic ads when watching “The Andy Griffith Show”? What about “2 Broke Girls”? Yahoo has a breakdown of which party is dominating the ads for a variety of TV shows. (Yahoo)
  • Big spenders go solo: Forget giving to PACs and Super PACs. Some big spenders are using their money to spread their message directly with TV buys, mailers and more. (San Francisco Chronicle)


  • Lobbyists reach out for help reforming: The American League of Lobbyists sent letters to the Obama and Romney campaigns reminding the candidates that the group is open to lobbying reform. In other influence news, the deadline for third-quarter lobbying disclosure was Monday night. (Politico)
  • Playing in both worlds: Anita Dunn has her feet in the political world and the corporate world as a senior campaign adviser to President Barack Obama and a corporate strategist. Her roles have raised questions about Obama’s ability to reform Washington culture. (New York Times)


  • Crowdsourcing a constitution: Iceland citizens recently voted to crowdsource the country’s next constitution.  The document will still be subject to parliamentary debate and a vote. (TechPresident)
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