2Day in #OpenGov 10/30/2012



Hurricane Sandy
  • Hurricane could impact election: FEMA is guessing Hurricane Sandy could impact the presidential election as it brings high winds and heavy rainfall to the East Coast. Federal law allows states to make their own decisions about whether to delay elections due to emergencies that can disrupt voting. (Politico)
  • Jobs report may be delayed due to storm: The last jobs report before the presidential election may be delayed after the federal government was shut down Monday and will continue to be closed Tuesday. The Bureau of Labor Statistics was scheduled to release the report Friday, and officials are still determining whether that deadline can be met. (New York Times)
Campaign finance
  • Dark money group’s documents found in meth house: A box of documents belonging to a dark money group involved in Montana races was found in a Colorado meth house. The documents appear to show the social welfare nonprofit Western Tradition Partnership, or WTP, coordinating with candidates in 2008 and 2010, which would be an illegal maneuver. (ProPublica and Frontline)
  • Obama ads outnumber Romney ads: Ads supporting President Barack Obama are outnumbering ads for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney despite higher spending by Romney supporters. (New York Times)
  • TV stations cash in on campaign season: With more than 915, 000 presidential race ads so far this season, local TV stations are cashing in on the more than $610 million spent on those ads. The ad buys have been concentrated in swing states. (The Hill)
  • Groups spend big on voter turnout: Groups like Americans for Prosperity are spending big bucks this season on voter turnout for the increasingly close presidential race. Surveys seem to show the Obama and Romney campaigns are having similar levels of success with reaching out to voters, so outside groups are aiming to make sure people actually make it to the voting booth. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Ron Paul-inspired group lobbies for bill after Ron Paul snafu: The Liberty Committee, a group headed by a former Ron Paul aide, is lobbying in support of a bill that would improve disclosure of Congressional office expenses. The group mentioned its support was sparked by Paul double-billing plane tickets and other expenses to taxpayers and his campaign. (Roll Call)


  • First NYC data week wraps up: The first Data Week in New York City has wrapped up. The event was a partnership between the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications and O’Reilly Media.  (GovTech)


  • China blocks NYT article about prime minister: China has blocked New York Times coverage of Prime Minister Wen Jiabao’s wealth. It has also blocked related search terms in China’s version of Twitter. (Herdict Blog)
  • Spain bills 3,000 Euros for information request: The Spanish government is ordering a payment of 3,000 Euros from Access Info Europe, which asked for information related to what Spain is doing to fight corruption. The Spanish Supreme Court ruled the group had no right to ask for the information, saying that the group was asking more for “explanations” rather than information.  (Access Info)


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