Sunlight Offices Closed Today, Back Tomorrow


Like much of DC and the Eastern Seaboard, the Sunlight Foundation’s offices are closed today. We are all working from home so the Sunlight continues to shine, but we may be a tad preoccupied plugging up leaks and keeping roommates, children and spouses from going too stir crazy. Our baking skills are getting a great test drive and power is returning to the unlucky few who lost it.

If you read the New York Times App City article about Vote Planner and are interested in checking it out, please note that the historic hurricane affected our launch. It will be online soon.

In case you missed the note yesterday, the Open House originally planned for tonight postponed until after Election Day.

For our final programming note, the webinar originally scheduled for today is now this Friday, November 2nd starting at 1 p.m. EST. This webinar will feature a briefing by Sunlight’s money and politics experts on the influence at stake before voters head to the ballot box on November 6. Topics include how you can use our online tools in your Election Day reporting and to how to sort through and mash-up the massive amounts of data available after the polls close. We hope you are able to join us here.

Our thoughts continue to be with those enduring the storm and we hope you stay safe, warm and dry.

Image via NASA Goddard’s Instagram account.