2Day in #OpenGov 11/1/12



Campaign finance
  • Money pours into Senate races: Millions of dollars are pouring into several competitive Senate races in the final stretch of the campaign season. Both parties are trying to sway majority of the Senate their way. (Washington Post)
  • Lessons from Citizens United: Roll Call took a look at some of the lessons in the post-Citizens United era. One of the main trends: spending by outside groups, including Super PACs and nonprofits, has soared. (Roll Call)
  • Nonprofit contributions leads to increase of dark money: The prevalence of donations by nonprofits to Super PACs this campaign season has contributed to the increase of dark money since 501(c)(4) groups do not have to disclose their donors. (Public Integrity)
  • Super PACs have host of Halloween ads: Super PACs are not missing out on the spirit of Halloween, and some are using it to inspire new campaign attack ads with “scary stories.” (Public Integrity)
  • Former McConnell aide now an ally: A former aide to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Steven Law, is now head of the Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads groups, and the two remain political allies despite rarely talking now. (Washington Post)
  • The Hill names the year’s top lobbyists: The Hill released its list of 2012’s top lobbyists, according to its rankings. (The Hill)


  •  App helps voters find their polling place: Votizen has launched a new app for the iPhone iOS6 that lets registered voters find their polling location and look at their past voting history. (TechPresident)
  •  No Politwoops here: Tweeting by people running for election is forbidden in Japan. A group is trying to change this. (Global Voices)
  • Journalists fined for revealing corruption in Spain: A pair of journalists in Spain were fined 10,000 Euros after uploading a video to YouTube criticizing the lack of transparency in public healthcare financing. (Global Voices)


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