2Day in #OpenGov 11/6/12



Campaign finance

  • What to do with idle money? Former lawmakers, some of whom have become lobbyists, have thousands or millions of dollars left in their old campaign accounts. Their parties are urging them to consider donating some of it. (The Hill)
  • DC donors top the charts: Donors from inside the Beltway have given more to PACs than donors in any other city. DC contributions amounted to more than $71 million for this election cycle.  (Roll Call)
  • Top PAC donors by industry: What industries do the top PAC donors represent, and which candidates have they supported? Public Integrity has the answers. (Public Integrity)
  • Outside spending floods state Supreme Court races: Outside spending is playing a big role in several state Supreme Court races. In Michigan, spending on the “nonpartisan” Supreme Court race has totaled more than $10 million, making it the most expensive judicial race this year. (Public Integrity)
  • Election marks historic spending: No matter what part of it you look at, campaign spending for this election has been higher than ever before. It has been estimated that the first post-Citizens United election has brought more than $6 billion in spending.  (NPR)
  • Nonprofit reveals nonprofit donors after court order:  California’s Supreme Court ordered Arizona nonprofit Americans for Responsible Leadership to turn over its records related to an $11 million contribution it recently made. The group complied: revealing its donors were other nonprofits.  (LA Times)


  • Lobbying by the masses . . .  Several new groups – which include people previously from the lobbying, public affairs, and technology sectors – are aiming to bring more influential power to the masses. One group is working to make it easier for legislators to track where their constituents stand on issues. (Washington Post)
  • . . . and by the mid-size banks: More mid-size banks are entering the financial industry discussion in DC. U.S. Bancorp, SunTrust Banks, PNC Financial Services, and Regions Financial are among the companies that are starting to lobby.  (Bloomberg)
Transparency news
  • Ideathon generates transparency ideas: A recent Ideathon hosted by Global Integrity pulled together a variety of suggestions for increasing transparency and accountability. (FCW)


  • None


  • 2012 Election Night Watch Party. The National Press Club. Tues. 11/6. 6:30 p.m. National Press Club, 13th Floor First Amendment Lounge, 529 14th St. NW, Washington DC, 20045


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