2Day in #OpenGov 11/7/12



Campaign season

  • Obama wins a second term: Democratic President Barack Obama defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney on Tuesday to win a second term in office. (Washington Post)
  • Congress can bar contractor contributions: A federal court has ruled Congress can prevent federal contractors from trying to buy influence by contributing to candidates, parties, and committees. (Lobby Comply Blog)
  • Campaigning by House committee? A video released by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform is drawing questions about whether it is too close to being a campaign ad attacking President Barack Obama. The video highlights what it calls wasteful spending by the administration and includes the slogan “Spend like he says, not like he does.” (Public Integrity)
  • Using ethics panels to cast doubt: Congressional campaigns are filing complaints against rivals in hopes of casting doubts on their record. The strategy with the complaints: guilt by association. (The Hill)
Campaign finance
  • A recap of outside spending: Spending by outside groups played a big role in this campaign cycle, in the presidential race and congressional races. Roll Call has a summary of where that money went and which groups spent it. (Roll Call)
  • Election results a verdict on PAC spending? Will the results of the presidential election be a referendum on the role of super PACs and their deluge of spending? Some people think so. (The Hill)
  • WTP donors revealed: Donors to Western Tradition Partnership (WTP) were revealed after the group was at the center of a PBS Frontline and ProPublica investigation. It was the first time a court ordered a dark money group to make such a disclosure. (ProPublica)
  • UK issues digital government strategy report: The United Kingdom issued a Digital Government Strategy report this week outlining its goals for delivering services online. (TechPresident)
Transparency news
  • Ballot measures take aim at Citizens United: Ballot measures in several states are challenging the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and its ramifications on outside spending. Common Cause will be tracking the results of those measures.  (Common Cause)


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