2Day in #OpenGov 11/15/12




  • Senate approves expanded whistleblower protections: The Senate unanimously approved the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) this week, expanding protections for federal employees who expose government wrongdoing. The bill now goes to President Barack Obama’s desk for his signature. (Washington Post)
  • Congressional Research Service and Congress have complex relationship: The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) has long faced pointed questions from Congress about its reports. Members of Congress tend to expect certain results when they request CRS analysts to compile research. (Roll Call)


  • Lobbyists meet new lawmakers:  Lobbyists are working to acquaint themselves with the incoming class of freshman in Congress. The quest is on among lobbyists to seek out the ears of new lawmakers to talk about priorities. (Roll Call)
  • Some lobbyists already know the new lawmakers: If some lobbyists already seem well-acquainted with certain lawmakers, it might be because they have bonds already: the bond of campaign fundraising. At least nine lawmakers had interest groups and lobbyists that were bundling campaign contributions for them, according to an analysis. (The Hill)
  • Government requests to remove content increase:  More governments across the world are asking Google to remove content or block it from searches, according to a new report released by the search-engine giant. Google denied several requests to remove content that was critical of government officials. (GovTech)
State and local
  • New York adopts new campaign finance rules: The New York State Board of Elections recently adopted rules requiring registering and reporting of independent expenditures by individuals as if they were a political committee. (Lobby Comply Blog)


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