2Day in #OpenGov 11/19/12




  • Report calls for stronger IT oversight:  Stronger oversight is needed on the $54 million spent by federal agencies for oversight and maintenance of IT, according to new report from the Government Accountability Office. (FedScoop) 

Campaign finance

  • How to stop dark money: Is the influx of dark money in elections thanks to the Citizens United decision, or is it due to failures of the Federal Elections Commission? Trevor Potter, a former FEC commissioner and chairman, argues the FEC deserves the blame. (Washington Post, opinion)
  • Super PAC finds its way into the dictionary: The term “super PAC” is being added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. (Politico 
  • Tech giants defend net neutrality:  Google, Facebook, and Netflix are among a coalition of tech giants asking a federal court to uphold rules that they say keep the Internet open. They filed a brief in favor of the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality regulations. (The Hill 

State and local

  • Washington disclosure law in limbo: A public disclosure law on grassroots lobbying in Washington is part of a renewed lawsuit. Some groups are claiming the law violates their free speech rights. (Lobby Comply Blog)
  • North Carolina failed to monitor $80 million in earmarks: An audit in North Carolina found state officials failed to monitor some $80 million in earmarks. Groups that received the money were not assessed on how they used the cash. (Winston-Salem Journal)
  • State lawmakers, lobbyists hit the road: It didn’t take long after the election for California’s state lawmakers to hit the road. Their destinations? Hawaii, Brazil, and Australia, among others, to talk with lobbyists about special interests. (Sacramento Bee)


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