2Day in #OpenGov 12/6/12




  • House approves financial disclosure delay: The House approved a bill this week that further delays financial disclosure requirements for nearly 30,000 federal employees. The bill pushes the disclosure back to April 15, 2013. (Washington Post)
  • Groups ask Boehner to keep ethics board: Several good-government groups are asking House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to keep the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) in the 113th Congress. Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have to replace at least four of the panel’s members for the body to continue to exist. (The Hill)
Lobbying and influence 
  • A look at the hill’s revolving doors: Lawmakers who lost reelection bids are being courted now by lobbyist recruiters as they pack up their offices. Headhunters sometimes end up talking to outgoing members of Congress in locations ranging from House offices to the backseats of cars. (Roll Call)
  • Crossroads makes “fiscal cliff” ad buy: Crossroads GPS, one of the big spenders in the 2012 campaigns, has bought $500,000 worth of ads in an effort to influence opinion about the so-called “fiscal cliff.” The ads attack President Barack Obama’s tax plan. (Roll Call)
  • Lobbying world faces pressures for reform: Represent.us, a group working to limit lobbyist fundraising, could make life more difficult for lobbyists. The Represent.us plan already has a cold reception from the American League of Lobbyists. (Roll Call)
  • K Street changes: It’s that season on Capitol Hill – several former staff for lawmakers are moving to the lobbing world, including at least one staffer for Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). (The Hill)
  • It’s good to know the chair: Connections count in the world of influence, and lobbyists with ties to new committee chairs are ready to advise the new power brokers on issues. Some firms with ties to chairs have already seen business increasing. (The Hill)
  • House sends message to UN on Internet regulations: The House approved a resolution meant to send a message to the United Nations about an ongoing conference where telecommunications regulations are being discussed. The House called on the U.S. government specifically to oppose UN regulation of the Internet. (The Hill)


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