Tallying the Adelsons’ $92 million


SheldonThe Adelsons' have given a mind-blowing $92.28 million to outside spending groups that disclose their donors in the 2012 election, supporting groups that backed presidential hopefuls and Senate and House candidates. But the couple's deep pockets didn't often translate into electoral success.

The casino mogul and his physician wife were the impetus behind Newt Gingrich’s primary campaign, pouring millions into a super PAC,  Winning our Future, that kept the former House Speaker's campaign alive through April. When Gingrich bowed out, the Adelsons' rerouted their checks to Restore our Future, which supported Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Though the former Massachusetts governor wasn't their first choice, the Adelsons' gave the group $30 million in all–more than they gave any other group.

In all, the Adelsons' gave large donations to 17 outside groups, with $23 million of their giving directed American Crossroads, which had an abysmal 1.29 percent return on investment. The Congressional Leadership Fund, and YG Action Fund each received $5 million from Adelson; both had better track records than most to the recipients of the Adelsons' largesse. The Congressional Leadership Fund, which shares officers with the dark money group American Action Network, had a much more robust return on investment at 60.64 percent, while YG Action Fund, run by former aides of House Majoirty Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., generated a 32.51% return on investment.

Other groups bankrolled by the Adelsons' include Independence Virginia PAC, which received $4 million, and Freedom PAC, Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund, each of which got $2 million. The somewhat ironically named Ending Spending Action Fund–which spent more than $13 million–benefitted from $1.15 million in contributions.

The Adelsons' were million dollar donors to the Hard Working Americans Committee, Patriot Prosperity Political Action Committee and the Treasure Coast Jobs Coalition. They made donations ranging between $250,000 and $500,000 donations to America 360 Committee, Hispanic Leadership Fund Action, Conservative Renewal Political Action Committee, JAN PAC and Texas Conservatives Fund.

While many of the groups the Adelsons' supported turned out to be bad investments, the couple's largesse paid off in one way: the Huffington Post reported that Sheldon Adelson had already arrenged meetings in Washington with top GOP congressional leaders to discuss issues he wants the party to address.

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