2Day in #OpenGov 12/13/12




  • Groups ask for OCE to continue: Several good-government groups asked House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to fill at least four seats in the Office of Congressional Ethics before the panel ceases to exist. If the seats go unfilled, the panel will expire. (The Hill 
Lobbying and influence
  • K Street aims to steer fiscal cliff talk: Lobbyists representing business interests are hoping to steer talk about the so-called “fiscal cliff” in the best interest of their clients. The fiscal cliff negotiations have provided a boost to lobbying firms. (Roll Call)
  • Chinese firm fights reputation: A Chinese company accused of posing a security threat to the United States is ramping up its lobbying efforts to fight the bad reputation.  (The Hill)
State and local
  • New York AG proposes more campaign finance disclosure: New York’s attorney general recently proposed a regulation that would require tax-exempt groups doing business in the state to disclose how much of its total spending went to campaign activity. (Lobby Comply Blog)
  • Compromise might be close on Internet regulations: A compromise on changes to Internet regulation may be close as the United Nations discusses global telecommunications policy. The United States and other countries lobbied to prevent changes to Internet regulation that some feared could allow for more government censorship. (Reuters)
  • Putin pledges crackdown on corruption: Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his state of the nation speech this week that he will fight corruption, though the comment failed to convince some. (TrustLaw)


  • Pros and cons of having a chief data officer: Data experts recently gathered to talk about the pros and cons of having a chief data officer for government agencies considering adding such a position. (FCW)
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