Join Our Holiday Hangout!


The year is winding down; metrics and reviews are mostly behind us, and as staff members disappear to year-end vacation it’s beginning to feel a bit like that one episode of Star Trek. Metaphorical sugarplums are beginning to dance in our heads, by which we mean we’ve spent the morning messing around with some of the Arduinos lying around the office.

We’d love for you to join us in our Holiday Hangout. We’ve added a few bells & whistles to Google Hangout, letting you folks control the color of the lights in the Labs office and make our abominable snowman sing to us.

So drop by, say hello, and let us wish you a happy holiday season. We’re planning to hang out tomorrow, too, if you’d rather drop by then.

You can join the hangout here. To get access to the light and Bumble controls, click the Bumble Hangout on the left side of the screen and then allow access to the app at the prompt. You’ll see the controls appear on the right sidebar. Looking forward to hanging out with you!