2Day in #OpenGov 12/21/2012


Please note: Sunlight’s offices will be closed next week and this roundup will be taking a brief hiatus. Happy holidays and see you in the 2013!



  • American Community Survey goes online:  The Census Bureau is hoping to improve its data collection while saving money by making the American Community Survey, one of its most important surveys, available online for respondents.(Federal Computer Week)
  • From the jail house to the House of Representatives: Kandia Milton, a former aid to disgraced Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, jumped from the jail house to a job in the House with Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI). Milton served a year in jail for his role in a bribery scheme while working for Kilpatrick. (Washington Post)
  • Opinion- Reform the House Ethics Process: The Office of Congressional Ethics should change its rules to allow more due process rights to subjects of its investigations. Members and staff who are subject to review are left in the dark for too long, hampering their ability to refute charges against them. (Politico)
State and Local
  •  Mayors implement innovative policy: Mayors around the country are implementing innovative new policies in areas from digital government to education and public safety.  (GovTech)
  • Inside the battle for international internet governance: The UN based battle for international control of the internet had an important skirmish earlier this month at the World Conference on International Telecommunications, where the US and many other countries refused to sign an agreement that was put forth. (Ars Technica)
  • Fighting for reform in Europe: The ongoing financial crisis in Europe has brought corruption and lack of transparency to the forefront of debate. NGOs and citizens are fighting for reform, but their is often a lack of political interest.(Global Voices)
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