2Day in #OpenGov 1/8/2012



  • The White House is updating data.gov to make it easier to put up new datasets and planning to institute a new policy that would require new data to be open and machine readable. (Federal News Radio)
  • The Government Accountability Office launched a new website that aims to make it easier to search and organize GAO reports. The site breaks reports down into specific issues areas. (Washington Post)
  • The Hospital lobby managed to stave off the worst of the cuts they faced in the fiscal cliff deal, proving that their lobbying muscles are still strong. (Politico)
  • President Obama has worked to prosecute more people under the Espionage Act, especially those that leak information to the media, than all previous administrations combined, but whistleblower protections have also advanced significantly during his administration. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Transparency International Hungary is using unique ways of engaging young people. They have helped organize hackathons, thrown festivals, and organized water fights to promote transparency and fight corruption. (Transparency International)
  • Opinion: Ben Cohen, one half of the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream empire, is putting his stamp on the fight against money in politics with a campaign called the Stamp Stampede, which lets people stamp their money with messages against the practice. (Politico)
  • H.R.24. The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2013.


  • None

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