2Day in #OpenGov 1/9/2013



  • The first of several projects associated with the Legislative Branch Bulk Data Task Force rolled out this week, according to John Boehner’s office. House floor summaries are now available for bulk download in XML format dating back to the 109th Congress. (Tech President)
  • The Corporate Reform Coalition, comprised of corporate investors, shareholders, activists, and academics pushed the Securities and Exchange Commission to move quickly on rules to require greater disclosure of corporate political spending. (Roll Call)
  • Recently retired Representative Steve LaTourette (R-OH) is starting a new lobbying firm along with his wife, who has lobbied on transportation issues in the past. He will also helm the Republican Main Street Partnership, where he plans to launch a super PAC supporting moderate Republicans. (Politico)
  • President Obama is showing signs that he plans to take on two of Washington’s most powerful lobbying forces early in his second term. He has already signaled his intention to tackle gun control, and his nomination of Chuck Hagel to be defense secretary is a sign that he is planning to change tone on Israel. (National Journal)
  • New start up Captricity aims to make it easy to transfer data from paper to electronic formats. They hope to help government agencies that still rely on paper based data collection systems to accurately and quickly translate their information into machine-readable formats. (GovFresh)
  • Madison, Wisconsin passed an open data ordinance and is launching an open data platform. Local leaders say they based their program off of New York City’s model. (Government Technology)
  • H.R. 96. The Cameras in the Courtroom Act. To permit the televising of supreme court proceedings.


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