2Day in #OpenGov 1/10/2012



  • Major public procurement reforms were recently passed in the Czech Republic after an anonymous whistleblower worked with Transparency International exposed major inflation and corruption in environmental clean up contracts. (Transparency International)
  • Former Brazilian President Lula is being investigated over allegations that he was involved in a vote-buying scheme in Congress during his 2003-2010 stint as president. The scheme has already led to the conviction of several of Lula’s closest aides. (Trust Law)
  • While “big data” and cloud computing have yet necessarily lived up to their considerable hype, certain federal agencies are already using them to increase efficiency, monitor fraud, and search for terrorists. Specifically, intelligence analysts are using a new tool that compiles large amounts of data and makes it easier to analyze. (Federal Computer Week)
  • Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) took to the Consumer Electronics Show to announce a broad technology policy agenda for 2013.  His plans include efforts to stiffen antitrust laws, analyse software patents’, and review privacy laws.(The Hill)
  • A popular Wisconsin focused campaign finance database is facing a budget shortfall after losing one of its largest funders. The site has generated over 30 million hits and helped inform hundreds of stories over the past two years. (Madison.com)
  • Two key Vermont legislators are planning a push for more government transparency in the Green Mountain State. The chairs of the House and Senate Government Operation’s committees want to review open meetings and public records laws as well as campaign finance.  (VTDigger.org)
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